How to Gain More Followers on Instagram

Instagram is speedily becoming an important point for companies who is aiming to utilize social media to link or communicate with the potential new or the current clients. It is one of the major and most followed social media platforms in the globe without an endless number of users. Many brands focus only on Facebook or Twitter, but they are missing out on a hidden treasure. Instagram can get you a lot of customers and increase your popularity. The first step is to start by opening an account.  Posting photos are not everything, the significant part of using it is gaining followers. Here is how you can you secure them

Spread Your Profile Link

The first way to get many people to follow you is by being visible. If you are hiding and not appearing in front of the crowd, how can you expect people to find the account? Start by using other websites to link to your Instagram. If you have blog posts, post the link to your Instagram over there. In your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn mention the link. The first step is an easy one although many people overlook this. If it is a business account, do not put privacy there. For example, they see a photo of a product they like, and they will share it on Facebook or other social media with their friends. In this way, you can get more people to like your posts and start following you.

Post at the Right Time using The Right Tags

You can come up with a schedule. Start by examining at which time your posts are most successful. Notice the time and the number of likes. Those who run business accounts believes that 5 PM is the best time to post because that is when people go home from work. They spend the last minutes browsing through the photos. If you post at that point, it will show up there. There are studies where people believes that posting on Wednesdays will get you the most number of followers. It can be true in your case as well. Therefore, come up with a schedule for posting. In this way, tracking the time and posting at the exact hours will get you a lot of followers.

Be More Active

Having a clean and clear profile is important. Have relevant photos, the proper description, and state what it is all about in the captions. Use #hashtags because it is a vital part of posting there. There are other activities you have to carry out while you are trying to gain followers. You have to invite your friends to follow you. You have to comment on other’s photos. While you post pictures, make the caption a question. People will engage more because they will want to answer that. Usually, people use Instagram when they are bored. Therefore, they would love to answer your question.

Communicate with Your Followers

Even though in real life, people have a lot of negative thoughts about collaboration it works on this platform. They believe it does not work. The reason it does not work is because people have their ideas and that breakdowns with the other person’s ideas. They each have their different perspective and wants the plan to go their way. Deciding the end becomes confusing and perplexing. The case is different when it about Instagram. You can even collaborate with someone to get more followers. There will be no fighting or clashes. You can easily pair up with someone similar and promote your profile.

Post a Variety of Interesting Things

Do not go around posting the same thing all the time. That will make your followers bored, and they may use the “unfollow” button. You do not want that. It can be harmful to your business, therefore, post videos and other photos where they can involve. For example, you can post about the contest, an event or a giveaway. People love to go to events and programs with friends to have an excellent time. You can come up with winning captions and mention “hope to see you and your friends at our event”. Make your Instagram as appealing as possible to the people. Do not give up and stick to your plan and motive.

The Use of Social Exchange Platform

Alternatively, you can use social points exchange platform just like where you can use your earned points in exchange of Instagram Followers. It is very easy to use you can follow this tutorial on how to gain more followers properly use it.

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